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18th June 2000

Work started on HTMLSource today! Hurrah! Well, I've wanted to write my own HTML site for about two months now, and haven't got around to doing much about it until today. I was waiting for inspiration. I don't know whether I got any or not actually, it probably had more to do with the fact that I had the day off work. Thank God.
Anyhoo, to the propaganda. HTMLSource will soon become the most in-depth, largest and most respected HTML site in the world. You heard me; I have big dreams. So have a squint around, won't you? There's nothing to read now; but by the time you read this, there will be. Ah!

20th June 2000

Hey, this is being written a lot faster than I thought it would. I started off easy, with the cool links and wikid files pages. I also did a tiny bit of ground work for the Webmaster Glossary.

21st June 2000

Did loads of work on the Webmaster Glossary. It looks great. You know your site is excellent when it's the site you've been trying to find for a year, and you just created it. The language used is slightly technical at the moment, but once I have time to give it a decent edit, it will be much easier to read. Go check it out now.

22nd June 2000

The thing I learned today: Red Bull & Vodka and typing do not mix. Also: neither do being drunk and sounding intelligent.

23rd June 2000

*Ugh* Sorry about that. It will never happen again.
Oh well. I've been trying to figure out when I do my best writing. Is it when I'm tired, happy, depressed etc? As I think we all found out last night; it's not when I'm drunk. So that would be langered.

29th June 2000

Wow, the site is being written at a rate of knots, I can tell you. I have a fair few articles written now, most of which have huddled together in the Accessibility section. Actually, I'm writing this update about a month after the day it is supposed to be because.... I forgot to write it earlier. Dope! It probably doesn't matter. Although I can't remember the chain of events, I can just say "here's a new article" and hope no one notices.

30th June 2000

Here's a new article! I spent all day writing out this Special Characters page, mainly because I didn't know half the codes to make them. The page shows you how to make stuff like ¼, ™ and ©. Mad, eh?
Also, while I was writing this page, I found this little guy: ». Doesn't he look cool? So I decided to use him to tell you when you're about to open a new window, usually to go to another site. So, for instance, go to » and search for 'Webmaster Glossary' and see how high up the scale ours is. Did you get that?

5th July 2000

Man, am I sick of my job. 8.30 in the morning?! What sadistic arse would make his employees come in at that time?? I had another run in with him today —

Big Boss Man: See that five pound note on the ground over there?
Me: (searching confusedly) No.
BBM: Here in [name censored to protect my future job] we treat everything on the ground like a five pound note. Pick up that apple please.
Me: Take this!    *Kicks him in the balls*

Well, ok, I didn't, but he deserved it. I swear, that is what happened, pretty much word for word. That prick was looking at it on the ground for five minutes and I didn't see him pick it up.

7th July 2000

I decided that I better start from the beginning of learning HTML, so I wrote the first two parts in the My First Site section. God knows if they are of any help to people. I guess I'll have to test them out on somebody. My brother would be fine — he's a simpleton. I'll see whether he can learn basic HTML in a week. If not, I'll rewrite them.
Also, since I haven't been doing much 'real' reading recently, I started on my first John Grisham book ever — 'The Testament'. We'll see how it works out in about 470 pages time.

10th July 2000

It's my birthday in 3 days!! Guess what age I am... Yes, that's right — 17! Huzzah! Also, I'm going on holidays on the same day. So, no big celebrations for me. Instead of going out on the razz I'll be looking for my boarding pass. Instead of getting loads of presents I'll be getting served tiny cans of Coke by the homosexual steward. I suppose I should be making arrangements to go out tonight but hey, I'm far too lazy to do any of that.

11th July 2000

I got a new computer today. Zip! Pity no games seem to work on it though. Damn you Gateway! How could you sell me such an underachieving piece of ..... Forget it. No doubt I'll eventually get it to work. I tried transferring this site over from my old computer (at the moment I can fit the entire thing onto a floppy 6 times!), but wouldn't you know, the new floppy drive acted the prat and wouldn't let me take the site back off. Sigh.

12th July 2000

I sorted out the floppy problem. Apparently, it only acts the prat with certain discs, and none of the others. Why? Oh well, I never use floppies anyway so it'll be alright. I thought I should write one more article before I go, so here it is. It's about testing your pages and making sure they work right.
Must dash, my mum is telling me to pack. Will it be snowing in Sweden?

26th July 2000

Aaaaaand I'm back. Hooray! It seemed like only a few seconds didn't it? It wasn't snowing in Sweden, but to make up for it, it rained half of the days I was there.
Did you know? My birthday (13th July — why did none of you guys send me anything?) is on the same day as both Harrison Ford and Tom Cruise! Impressed?

27th July 2000

Since I work in this layout on both my sites (this and » EarthSource), I rarely get a chance to try something new. Well, a favourite site of mine, » RareNet was looking into redesigning, and I was inspired. To check out what I came up with, check this. Even if they don't use it, it was fun making it.

28th July 2000

I don't have much to update with, so let me just say this: I quit my job! This is the happiest moment of my life people! Finally, I now have the time to sleep in until half eleven every day, safe in the knowledge that when I get up, I won't have to do anything through that whole day if I don't want to. Brilliant!

29th July 2000

That John Grisham novel is actually really good. I'm really liking it. I've caught up on the updates as of now, as today is actually the 28th. How much sense does that make? This much: none. Look how much stuff I wrote today! Pretty impressive. The last couple of weeks worth of updates were written to the tune of X Foregone Destruction and X Mission landing, two brilliant midis from Unreal Tournament. Listen to them now.
I had a nose around » Altavista today, looking for my Webmaster Glossary, which I submitted a while back. I finally found it at number 50-something. Not bad, but not particularly good either, so I'll sort it out and go for the top ten this time.

30th July 2000

I submitted the site to a fair few search engines today, and I'll get a counter for the main page later on to prove to myself that someone is listening. The Wikid Files page needed some attention since I wrote it on the first day and haven't added to it since, so I put in 3 more links. I also put 'Coming Soon' notices on all the section index pages, not so much for you guys, but for me so I can remember how much more work this site is going to take. Happy thoughts, HAPPY thoughts!

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