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Javascript scripts are the ideal way to add special effects and extra bits and bobs to your pages without having to resort to plug-ins or full-on applets. There are a myriad of uses for this most versatile of scripting languages.

Basic JavaScript
A tutorial in the fundamentals of JavaScript programming. Learn what it is, what it can do, and how to write a basic script.

Event Handlers
Now it's time to get things reacting to user input, like clicks and movements. Learn the basics of dealing with interaction.

Writing Scripts
Learn the basics of putting together your own scripts using the fundamentals of programming.

Now we put all our knowledge together to create custom functions to perform tasks for us; as well as having a look at the causes and solutions to common errors.

Objects and Properties
Learn more about the Document Object Model and the object hierarchy, and so how to access an object and its properties and methods.

Form Validation
Find out how to set up an input-checking script that makes sure your readers have filled in a form correctly before submitting it.

Advanced DOMs
Since the version 4 browsers we've had many powerful ways to get access to any element on the page. Here the three advanced DOMs are discussed, including the Level 1 DOM.

Support Detection
Before executing advanced bits of JavaScript code, you first need to make sure your readers' browsers are up to the task. Testing their support levels is a vital step in designing workable scripts.

Popup Windows
Whether for ancillary information, special reminders or more goddamned ads, popup windows have myriad uses. Learn how to create and control your own.

DHTML Explained
Dynamic HTML — the amalgam of CSS and JavaScript — is a very powerful, very interesting tool which allows you to create highly interactive pages.

Scripting Frames
When you want to execute scripts that work across multiple frames you need to bring into play a new way of referencing elements.

Cookies are text files that you can sow on your visitors' computers and then read data from the next time they visit. Essential.

With clever use of Ajax, you can send and receive data to the server, changing the user’s experience of your site, without even having to refresh the entire page.



Date and Time Scripts
With these scripts you can display the date or even a counting clock on your site.

Add to Favorites Link
Just get people to click this link and you'll get your site into their favorites folder. Simple.

Drop-down link box
You can use form select boxes to offer a drop-down list of pages.