You could have the greatest site the world has ever seen, but if no one’s listening to what you’re saying, you’ve likely wasted your time. With good coding and the correct promotion methods however, you can quickly be reeling in the big hits and happy returning visitors.

<meta> Tags
Though not widely used any more, it’s instructive to see how search engine optimising worked in the early days of the web, back when meta tags were all the rage.

Promotion 101
The most important parts of your page, in a search engine’s eyes, are the title and first paragraph. Learn the basics of keyword placement and link popularity.

10 ways to Promote your site
It’s not just search engines that make you popular. Check out these 10 easy steps for a broken hit counter.

Search Engines
We compare and contrast the leading search engines to show you which are the most important with regard to your promotion efforts.

Writing for the Web
Successful writing on the Internet is written in a different way to offline text. You must design your content to be suited to online use, by utilising headings and highlights.

Link Requests
To guarantee a smooth flow of traffic you’re going to need lots of links pointing at your site. To get these, you’re going to have to ask lots of webmasters. Your technique is hugely important here.

Favorites Icon (Favicon)
You know that little graphic beside a site in your favorites menu? You can do that too. It’s a neat little trick, and not so difficult to do.

Domain Registration
To make your mark online, you’re going to need your own domain name. Here’s an explanation of the domain name system and some advice on getting your very own.

Promotion on Facebook
Sharing is the new web search, or so Facebook would like you to believe. However, adding Facebook recommendations to your pages is an easy way to let your readers do your promotion for you.