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Frames are generally avoided nowadays. They give you the ability to open multiple pages in the same browser window, and have static navigation bars on the side of the screen and whatnot. They also incorporate a slightly different method of coding from the rest of HTML. Despite their drawbacks, frames are undoubtedly useful for many types of website.

Basic Frames
This is a full introduction to the ways of the frames. Setting up a frameset, getting links to work and adding content for older browsers.

Advanced Frames
More attributes and tags to give you even greater control of your frame layouts and how to add some colour too.

Inline Frames
Inline frames are special Internet Explorer elements that allow you to open other pages right in the middle of your pages. Cool.

Frames: Good or Bad?
The dispute rages... Frames have their benefits, sure. They also have many downfalls. See if it's a good idea to use them.


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