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You could start your HTML writing career straight away in the My first site section; but you will be able to progress much faster if you start here first and have a read through some of the following information to get a handle on some of the key issues in web development.

What is HTML?
A bit lost, eh? That's alright — read this for a bit of enlightenment.

The History of HTML
Read about the genesis of HTML, its development, and the future of this, our favourite language.

Webmaster Glossary
A guide to all the weird and wonderful words you're going to have to understand if you want to move forward in HTML.

What do I need?
Everyone knows that getting into HTML is a horrendously expensive thing to do. But wait; I'm lying. Read this to be pleasantly surprised.

Software Review
You want top programs to make your pages with, right? HTML Source points the way to the best there is.

Browser Review
Most people choose one browser and stick with it, doing all their browsing through it. However, the main browsers differ greatly in the features they offer, the tags they understand and general goodness. Look: stuff.

Internet File Formats
On your travels across the net, you'll undoubtedly come across a lot of common file formats. See the list, what each one is, and what programs you need to use them.

The History of the Net
Learn how the Internet and the world-wide Web came about, and how it has developed and improved over the years.

The Internet is a scary place, full of hidden dangers. Spyware is the name for all that software that you don’t want to let get on your computer. Learn how to remove it, and protect your computer from harm.

Online, your password protects your identity, and if somebody gets a hold of it or guesses it, you can get yourself in big trouble. Here I describe the risks and some techniques for creating strong, easy-to-remember passwords.

When on the Internet, there are certain regulations everyone needs to abide by in order for us all to get along.

Chat Acronyms
Ever been confused by a chat room participant exclaiming LOL! to you? Were you a little offended? It's ok, they were just using one of many acronyms that have come into regular use to minimise typing. Here's a list of the common ones.

More Useful Programs
None of these programs and utilities help you make your website, but they make your life easier and nicer.