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It’s all too easy to just stick a load of writing on your site and hope people will read it. But without some proper formatting and layout, your text will be ugly and unreadable. Thankfully, text formatting is the easiest part of HTML, but there’s text formatting, and sexy text formatting. Read on.

The font element is the simplest way to change your text’s size, colour and typeface. It is, however, not the best way.

Web Typography
Attractive text on the web is not an easy thing to achieve. Learn about font-families, what fonts work best on the web, and how to create pretty punctuation.

Special Characters
'Special' as in, not on the keyboard. You need to use a magic code to get them, so check out our Chart.

Internal Links
Internal Links mean you can jump between sections of your page and other pages. They are very easy to do too.

Learn how to lay out your text in bullet point, numbered and definition lists.

Text Formatting List
There are more than 40 tags you can use to format you text — and I got a list right here.

Using Internet Explorer-specific marquees you can have text scrolling across the screen.


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