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My First Site

We’ll begin very easily here, because I’m assuming you are just starting out. No one likes to look back on My First Site, but hopefully your experience can be made slightly less traumatic with a push in the right direction. You did Start Here first, right? It’s not a necessity, but it helps.

Note: Because of the way HTML is learnt, you should probably read these in order.

My First Page
Learn the basic structure of a HTML page, a tag, and how to save it as a webpage.

Basic Formatting
Now that you have the ability to write a page, you might want to jazz it up with some code.

Basic Links
By now you should have written a few simple pages. It’s time to link ’em together and start building a site!

Basic Images
Add some pretty pictures and your site will look much nicer.

<body> Attributes
Add some colour to your text, links, background and set an image as the background of your page. Get a brief introduction into using CSS here too.

Basic Web Design
This is a collection of tips that will start you off on the right path to being a good web designer.

HTML Tag Reference
A full list of all the HTML tags, with links to the full tutorials.

Uploading your Site
Finally, you’ll have to get your website files online. This is a daunting but relatively simple process. Get the details here.


Remember, if you ever need any help getting something to work, I’m always willing to help. Look beyond the cutting sarcasm and you’ll find a nice guy, hopefully. Anyway,  drop me a line.