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Have something to say? Great. I love to hear from my readers.

Due to the insurmountable amount of HTML, CSS and JavaScript-related questions I have been receiving, I can no longer respond to them all, and even if I do it will probably take a while. Sorry. I tried to keep up with them for a while but it’s a lot of work.

If you have a suggestion for HTML Source that you think will improve the site then send it in.

Email Amuse me

Oh, and when contacting, please try to remember these simple points:

  • If you’re asking about a coding issue, please make sure it’s not answered in a tutorial here before you email me (you can use the search box at the top there).
  • We do not do link exchanges.
  • No file attachments, please. Put your files online and send me the address.

Partial F.A.Q.

Can I see your CSS code?
Sure, it’s right here, but I better warn you, it’s grown to be a bit unwieldy over the years. You can view any website’s CSS file by first checking a page’s HTML code and finding the line where they link to their stylesheet.
Can I use your CSS code for my website?
I’d prefer if you didn’t, but feel free to read and learn from it.
How do you make the navigation column extend all the way to the bottom of the page?
No, it’s not JavaScript. Or voodoo. Making two columns extend to the bottom of a layout regardless of which is taller is one of the great challenges of using CSS for layout. However, a nice trick, and the one which I use here on HTML Source, is to use a background image which tiles all the way to the bottom. You can read up on the technique in Dan’s short and sweet tutorial.
What’s the browser breakdown for the site?
For almost two years now Firefox has been growing its share in these here parts while IE declined, until Internet Explorer 7 came out after which it became stable. Safari has been making some gains too. Here’s what the pie chart looked like in August 2008:
Firefox at 50%, Intenet Explorer 40%, Safari 5%, Opera 2%