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Images can add that extra bit of sass to a website, so long as they’re used cleverly. Avoiding going overboard with that sass and only putting quality graphics on your pages which compliment your site’s design and colour-scheme will enhance the look of your site.

Note: for the very basics of images read My First Site / Basic Images

Further Attributes
With these great attributes, you can manipulate the size of your images and add margins; plus the all-important alt attribute is discussed.

Image File Formats
GIF, JPG, PNG... deciding what format to use is a big question when dealing with images. Read on for the pros and cons of each format, and some tricks on how to use them to your advantage.

Learn how to make small images that link to bigger images, and do it right.

Image Rollovers
With Rollovers, you can make images change to different images when readers places their mice on them..

Image Maps
With an image map you can use one image to link to many different places by adding multiple clickable areas.

Pre-Loading Images
Learn how to load an image before it is needed so that it appears lightning-fast.

Embedding Multimedia
With some simple html you can place multimedia such as audio and video into your pages.

Single pixel images
Creatively using coloured and transparent single pixel images allow you to create a couple of useful effects.


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