You may have written an excellent site, and it looks great and everything, but when people try to get it on their screens, it takes minutes just to load a few pages. This is when you know you need to work on your optimisation — cut out the rubbish and slim down everything else to make your site nice and fast and not lose any of its former brilliance.

Basic Optimisation
Before you go into specific optimisation of images for example, it is often very helpful to take a broader look at your site and do away with the slow aspects of your design.

Optimising Images
Images are often the cause of many slow to load pages, but done correctly, you can keep using images to make your page look nice while also keeping load times down.

Extreme Optimisation
When you've gone through the rest of the steps in individual areas of your page, and you still want to cut some more bytes off your pages, you could try some of these tips.