Site Management

As your site grows, you’ll find yourself having to deal with the sheer logistics of having hundreds of files to organise, maintain and update. Early planning will spare you much hassle later on. Below is a compendium of advice to make your site management a simpler task.

URL Rewriting
Using Apache URL rewriting you can clean up your page’s URLs, making your site cleaner, easier to navigate and leaving fewer dead links.

Custom 404 Error
When someone clicks a broken link they'll get an annoying 404 error message. Help them out by setting up your own custom page.

Password Protection
You can block access to certain files and directories on your site so only people who know the password can access them.

Bandwidth Theft
Prevent other nefarious webmasters from stealing your bandwidth by hotlinking your images.

Server Side Includes
Using Server Side Includes, you can insert the contents of another file into the current one, meaning you only have to change this one included file and it’s contents will change on every page on your site.

SSI Echo
SSI allows you to write dynamically generated environment variables to the page. Learn how to write formatted dates, times and file data to the page.

Server Response Codes
Your server is constantly noting down the results of each visitor's attempts at accessing your website files. Our chart here explains what each of its response codes actually means.