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Tuesday, July 25th
Hey, how about this excellent new layout, eh? With unending thanks to Ross Shannon, RareNet has finally reached the 21st century! To see how the new design will stretch to other areas of the site, check out Dan's re-vamped, re-view! Huzzah!

Monday, July 17th
Dan has written up some impressions of Dino Planet. Please forgive us for not updating lately, we are both working hard on getting the new layout done. More info on that soon!

Wednesday, July 12th
Check out the news today where we try to set the record straight about Banjo-Tooie, game progress and release dates.

Tuesday, July 11th
A source of ours from the UK has given us some new information about Conker and different gameboy versions. Also, Dan has something to say about a recent article on another site. Check it out.

Monday, July 10th
Some very interesting information here... Will Rare make a sequel to PD on the dolphin called After Dark? Click here, and decide for yourself. Check back tomorrow for some more interesting new info.

Friday, July 7th
PD is the #1 game on the rental charts. Rather than write an entire news article about this I thouhgt I'd just share it with you here since it's not much of a surprise, nor is it really news:) But hey, wanna see some new pictures of Banjo-Tooie? Click Here to see them. There are some multiplayer screenshots in there too, the game is looking very sharp!

Wednesday, July 5th
Sorry for the lack of updates lately. But I have a little news about the site... Those of you who have visited the site for a long time know that the design of the site is getting old. I'm currently working on creating a new look and feel for RareNet, but it takes a lot of work and a lot of consideration. Check back soon and we'll let you know more about it. Until then, check out a new part of our E3 Special.

Thursday, June 29th
New (sort of) pictures of DKC on the GameBoy. If you haven't seen this game yet check it out, it's amazing how good it looks. Also, if you want to see what the box looks like for the PAL Version of PD, Click Here.

Wednesday, June 28th
Take a look at Dan's Journal for today. More talk from him about Delays, and more speculation as well.

Tuesday, June 27th
Check out the E3 2000 Special, it's updated again, and now we have a little Perfect Dark information up there including stuff about us playing against the lead designer of PD!

Monday, June 26th
And as promised, here is Dan's Journal. He has some inside information that he shares, along with some of his own speculation about some things going on with Rare and Nintendo. Check it out.

Friday, June 23rd
Even though Dan is away in Europe, he is working on a journal while he's there and we'll have it up at the beginning of next week. Until then, check out new pictures of Banjo-Tooie and PD on the GameBoy.

Thursday, June 22nd
A rumor is going around about Banjo-Tooie coming out in 2001 now. Although it's not official yet, we have a bad feeling it's very true. Rumor is that it'll be released around February of next year instead of August. Too bad... the game felt so complete at E3, but it does take a long time to get everything finished up before it can hit the shelves. Take a look at the updated E3 Special.

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