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1st August 2000

Nooo! Once you get to August, you know the holidays are almost over. The return to school is inevitable. Ah, what the hell.
» The counter is doing its thing on the main page, and I only started it on 20. Not bad. I submitted to » Yahoo! as well, so I should see that counter being put to good use soon.
I gave my stylesheet a good going over today. I switched a few colours and made the entire site twice as bright in just a few seconds. That's the power of CSS, kids. Then I went over it, cutting out useless bits, and got the whole thing to download in.... 0.1 seconds! Whoosh!

2nd August 2000

I gave navigation all around the site a good kick up the arse, bringing it up to scratch and bang up to date. I also added a 'featured article' bit to the front page, mainly because I have no idea what I should put there otherwise. It ended up looking real nice, with Albert spouting forth some good advice too. A star is born.... Actually, that would be pretty cool to have him as the site's mascot or whatever. Thank God for my lovely new scanner!
You guys should also give thanks that I didn't settle for the graphic I drew in 2 minutes that was there this morning. It was bloody awful.
I was messing about with » BabelFish and translated some of my pages into French. "Mon Premier Site!" "Prononcez-le: bimp!" "Avancé!" Ahaha!

7th August 2000

I was at the » Witnness festival over the weekend and it was bloody marvellous. It also underlined the fact that Travis are the best band ever.
Although the bands were the main draw, the funniest thing I saw all day (let's remember, I was in a state) was the sign above the toilets — 'Weenness?' Haha! How I laughed!
The end was a bit of a laugh too; we all walked around and one guy out of our group went around asking all the stall owners whether "Perchance we may have a free T shirt?" I can't remember the guy's name, but I congratulate him on his excellence. Since we failed to get any free souvenirs this way, most of us are now the proud owners of 'Guests and Media only' signs; although sadly on closer inspection, it transpired that the Weenness sign was bolted on. Damn!

9th August 2000

Basic optimisation makes it's HTMLSource debut. Sorry about the update above, it didn't have much to do with HTML did it? Oh well, it's just the reason that things were quiet here for a few days. I wrote an Image optimisation page today too, because I'm going away again tomorrow. See you soon.

14th August 2000

I'm going to be doing a bit of a blitz on the site for the next two weeks or so. School is just over the horizon, which is going to eat up most of my time as it's my final year.
A bit of a re-organise took place this morning, with the Advertise and Link to Us pages being combined into a 'Site Info' page. I also wrote some stuff about me and copyright rubbish completes the show. Or something.
I put the Non-Dithering colours chart together too, with a little help from » HTMLGoodies.

16th August 2000

Just when I thought that blitz was never going to happen, look what I go and do. I fixed a load of mistakes, did some spell-checking, added some meta tags, and... wrote yet another article! This one is about adding a Favicon to your site; and took only a fraction of the time I was expecting. Can I get a Woop Woop?

20th August 2000

Updated the Favicon page to include info culled from both HTMLGoodies and It's much longer now, and therefore, much better. Get in!
Progress on the site has slowed, mainly because it's so much work and I've been away again anyway. Once I see some favourable placings in the search engines, I will probably get the motivation back. I guess you'll just have to wait.

22nd August 2000

Boo yah! Look at » this: 4, 580 pages found. And number 8 is.... our very own glossary! Huzzah! How brilliant is that? Top ten! I was just doing a casual search, hoping I had cleared the dismal 63 point that I held a few weeks ago, and look what happens. Fantastic. The homepage is also number 4 on » Hotbot on a search for, ah, 'htmlsource', which wasn't too impressive, but let's keep in mind I've only recently submitted to the engines and hey, I'm pretty damn chuffed I'm so high so fast.

31st August 2000

This school thing is getting pretty serious now. Eep.
My computer made its long-overdue return from the place I sent it to have stuff transferred from my old computer today. Wouldn't you know it, I sent the thing away on the same week that » Nintendo were holding their annual SpaceWorld show. Just my luck.
It came from HTML! Anyway, it's back now and I've recovered some files I had forgotten I had ever created. Back when this site was going for a far less professional look, I drew the picture opposite for the My First Site section. Nice one, eh?

1st September 2000

First signs of life recorded! I was fixing up the search thing and I had a look at the 'previous searches' report I get. Yes, I can check these things. Someone was searching for 'position absolute' and 'style'. This is surely the greatest thing ever. It proves that not only can people find the site, but they think it looks good enough to give the search thing a pop. Pity he/she wouldn't have found anything on positioning, but I don't really give a crap. This is the fuel that will keep me going on this site. Keep it coming.

On a slightly related note, work on » EarthSource, my first site ever, ended today. I decided to call it quits because it just wasn't a good idea from the start and, crucially, I never even submitted it to the search engines, so it was thankless work. I'll leave it on the net forever if possible, even if it's only because of its wonderful » updates pages, which are one of the few things in the world which make me smile when I don't feel good. Adieu!

2nd September 2000

Well, that was a bit tearful wasn't it? After the trauma of yesterday, it was business as usual for HTMLSource. I've been doing some general maintenance, link-checking, spell-checking (both automatic and manual — I care!), and uploaded again so you are reading the most up to date Source there is.
I dumped the counter off the front page because I found out that » Freeservers let you check your server logs, so I have no need for a counter.
I also added internal links to the Testing article, as a ...test, and it looked so much better than I had expected that I've decided to add them to all the long pages on the site. It was always going to happen of course, but I was holding off because I wasn't sure if it would look nice. Plus, I've grown so used to my lovely new mouse (with a roller-button), that I haven't scrolled in weeks.
I also cut the first half of this page off, and created Episode 1 of HTMLSource's existence.

style="border-top: 1px dashed #99c; padding-top: 0.5em">But wait, there's more: Episode 3.

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