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Yep, it's true. Since the dawn of our days here at HTML Source, we've been picking up quality awards and recognition for our greatness. Here I've assembled the ones I remember collecting from some of the finest sites on the net. Really!

SUIA logo Best Distinction thus far!
Second place in Ireland for web-design,
» School and University Internet Awards 2001.

Yes indeed, quite proud of this one, me. I even got a huge cash prize. Er, cheque prize. Anyway, all the sneaky shenanigans that went on before and after the awards was recorded for posterity in the updates. Episode 5, I believe it was.

Golden Web Award 2000
» Golden Web Awards 2000
4 Shamrocks from Doras
» Doras Irish Web Directory
Creativity Portal
» Creativity Portal
Golden Web Award 2001
» Golden Web Awards 2001
Optical Resolution Writing Excellence Award
» Optical Resolution
Writing Excellence
The Bunkhouse Award
» The Bunkhouse
SitePro news site of the day award
» SitePro News