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Non-underlined Links

This seems to be one of the most popular implementations of CSS — to get rid of those dastardly underlines on your links. Here's the code to get rid of all the underlined links on your whole page. Put this in the head part of the document.

<style type="text/css">

a {text-decoration: none; }


If you want to take the underline off just a few links, put this attribute into the a (link) tag.

style="text-decoration: none; "

To create A Link like this

Something you might want to watch though, is that people might not notice your links if they are missing the underline. It's fine to use them in a navigation bar, because people will expect everything there to be a link, but in your main text, I would advise you keep the underline. If your link colours are unmistakable you should get away with it.

You can set up different types of links — ones with underlines and ones without — with classes. If you want to do more with your links, including setting up hover effects and the like, check out the full tutorial on using stylesheets with your links.