Accessibility means making your site available to as broad a range of visitors as possible. For a website to be accessible means that it is coded well, it is easy to navigate, and it works in everyone’s browser. Learn how it’s done.

Website Navigation
No one wants to have to work to get around your site. They want it to be easy — no thought involved. This requires sticking to some basic guidelines.

Content Accessibility
It is up to every webmaster to make sure that their content is accessible to the widest group of people possible. Some new guidelines and techniques have been drawn up to help you through it, and here they are.

Logical Style
Learn about why you should strive to give your pages logical structures, and which elements to use to make your content both accessible and helpful to your readers.

Testing your pages
You don't want to unleash your wonderful site and then get loads of hate mail telling you that it doesn't work for people do you? Learn how to fix mess-ups before they happen.

10 things that people hate to see in websites
Time and time again, these cardinal sins of websites are made by idiots. Do not let yourself be counted among their number.

Browser Support
As a web designer you’ll have to keep constant track of browser capabilities, to know what’s safe to use.

216 Non-Dithering colours chart
Make sure your site looks the same on all computers by using these 'web-safe' colours.

HTML 4 Explained
HTML 4.01 is the newest standard of HTML specifications. Get the low-down on the tweaks and improvements that it's brought about.

XHTML Explained
After HTML 4 comes a new family of HTML specifications — XHTML — which fuses the benefits of HTML and XML.

Now more than ever, your website will be visited by users browsing on their smartphones and iPhones. These browsers have different capabilities than the browsers you may be used to working with.

The Redesign Process
Read through the thoughts and decisions that shaped our most recent redesign here at HTML Source, with examples of how to improve your own site.

These simple JavaScript codes can be added to your browser as bookmarks and then used to provide all-new features for your browser.


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