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OverClocked Remix 3.5 Design Document

Redesign: OverClocked Remix ‘Remixed!’

I really admired the transition » OverClocked Remix made when the webmaster and remixer extraordinaire, » David Lloyd redesigned it into the current version 3. His goal was to heighten the sense of community throughout the site, and to add extra resources to each remix, like links to further webpages about a certain game or images etc. The site was also managed through PHP, which made maintenance much easier.

What I wanted to achieve with this redesign (which, as always, I did primarily for my own amusement), was to relax the design a bit, which was a bit graphic and JavaScript-heavy, and create a more functional design, where the important parts of the page stand out more and the overall look is one of greater consistency.

Things I wished to address in » the original, hopefully rectified in » the redesign:

Design Comparison

HTML File size
Original: 15kb (round-about)
Redesign: 11.27kb, progressive download (no tables to parse)
CSS File-size
Original: 2.48kb
Redesign: 3.12kb
Graphics (sans banner ad)
Original: 2 backgrounds, 2 images. Total: 89.52kb
Redesign: 2 images. Total: 29.25kb
Standards Compliance
Original: non-standard, non-declared HTML 4 Transitional
Redesign: Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS-2
Browser Compatibility
Original: IE (good), NN6 (good), Opera6 (good), NN4.7 (illegible in places)
Redesign: IE (good), NN6 (good), Opera6 (good), NN4.7 (functional)

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Standard Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with OverClocked Remix in any way except being a big fan.

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OverClocked Remix and its associated images are copyright David Lloyd. The OCR redesign is copyright Ross Shannon, HTMLSource. And so on, and so forth.