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Size: 4.10Mb
Length: 03:38 minutes
Bitrate: 160kbps

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Nobuo Uematsu

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Remix: Final Fantasy 6 ‘MorningAfter(Hangover)’

Please note, this is a fan’s redesign of the OverClocked Remix website. You can find the real OCR at

Well, here it is people - my 50th ReMix. Number five-o. Honestly, I can't believe I've done this many tracks, over the 2+ years OC ReMix has been around, but it adds up. So much to say, so little time - as many of you already know, I'm leaving for a one-week vacation today, to Geneva and Barcelona. No computers, no email, no work, and yes, no ReMixes - just a healthy break from everything. This ReMix is not only the last to be posted before I leave for a week, but is also the last to be posted under the current site design. When I return, as soon as I return, I will begin making the final touches on OverClocked ReMix 3, the next version of this site, and will then proceed to upload it and make the switch. I truly believe all of you will appreciate the changes behind the new design and the additional features. Moving everything to a database will also pave the way in the future for many more interactive stuff I hope to add. However, while this mix marks the end of a certain era in the site's history, it is also the very first time I have ReMixed anything from the immensely popular Final Fantasy series for this site. It's always been so well-represented by other ReMixers that I never felt the need, and wanted to cover some of the more 'ignored' games like Phantasy Star, etc.

Anyway, for my 50th mix, I wanted to do something a little different, so I decided to break my long abstinence from the land of FF and do some techno coverage of 'The Day After' from FF6. Originally a slow piece, the tempo's been bumped all the way up to 151bpm, with no loops but two sets of drums, both delayed, one distorted, working double-overtime. The resonant 303-ish bassline is also doubled at points by a nastier distorted bass, and the melody is covered in the verses by a flutey square wave and in the chorus by widely panned and delayed pan flutes. There's also some audio effects at points - a distorted break / lead-in and an uber-delayed (delay on top of delay) break after the first iteration of the melody, but other than that post-production the whole thing was done on my Yamaha Motif. It's short but sort of neat in that it stays pretty close to the original in terms of song structure but deviates wildly in tempo and timbre - hope you enjoy.

So, what does the future hold for OC ReMix? First, I can guarantee we'll be around for long while (and thanks for all the donations that help ensure this!). Second, I'd like to affirm to each and every one of you reading this that I am fully dedicated to making this site the best it can be, and believe the upcoming improvements will indicate this desire. Third, although the site has already generated an active and involved community, I'd like to enhance this aspect of what we're doing, so that it's easier for newcomers to get acquainted, and add features that make information sharing and interaction amongst listeners and mixers easy and fluid. Fourth, again although there are already resources available for those looking to begin ReMixing themselves, I intend to expand the number of links and especially add to the number of tutorials that are available to aid the aspiring artist. Fifth - and this is an overall, blanket goal - I hope to (with the increasing help of others) improve the site in all ways possible to achieve the mission I finally put into words last year in the site FAQ:

  1. To honor and appreciate the often-overlooked men and women who write quality music for a medium that is too frequently considered to be "disposable"
  2. To revive older game music that is every bit as 'musical' (if not moreso) than today's more complex redbook audio scores - to open the ears and eyes of generations that missed the days of 8 and 16-bit and grew up on polygons and DA. (note: this does not mean all ReMixes will be of older titles, only that older titles form a core aspect of the site's purpose)
  3. For each ReMixer to express himself and improve his musical skills, knowledge, and capabilities, achieving recognition both in his own right and for the original composition as well.
  4. For everyone involved to have fun.

With everyone's help and continued support from both listeners and ReMixers, I believe all of these goals can and will be met in 2002 and eclipsed in the years afterwards. With any luck, I'll be writing a description of my 100th ReMix at some point in the future, and will look back on this specific time period in the site's history as a significant turning point. During the next week, I encourage all of you to check out the messageboards if you haven't already . . . to read the FAQ . . . and most importantly, to check out some of the ReMixes that perhaps in the past you skipped over because you weren't familiar with the game or the ReMixer, or didn't like the genre. Part of this site is definitely about expanding horizons and changing preconceptions, and this week's a great time to go back and see what you may have missed.


- djpretzel

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