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Welcome to HTMLSource! Come in, look around. Don't be overwhelmed by the huge pile of HTML tutorials I have written, each packed with in-depth expert advice, full diagrams and miraculous wit. Yep, I'm blowing my own trumpet here. I hope to God you know what I mean by that...

If you are just starting your illustrious HTML career, check out the two Starting Off sections, if you want more specific tutorials have a look at the Lessons, and if you're well versed in the art of HTML you should read the Advanced stuff. The HTML Reference charts and whatnot are in a table further down this page. If you want to find a certain tutorial fast, use the Search box on the right there.

The site is being added to on a daily basis and offers a wealth of information and tips on each topic. You can find a list of all the stuff I've written in the full index page, and you can keep up to date on the site's progress over in the updates, should you be so inclined.

Your feedback is always welcome, good or bad, I can take it. * Hit me!

Happy hunting.

~ Ross Shannon
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> The My First Site section is full of tutorials!
> Basic Tables Tutorial
> Basic Frames Tutorial
> Introduction to CSS
> Optimising Images
> 10 ways to Promote your site
> Writing for the Web

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Last Update: 16th December 2001

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One HTML Tutorial or webmaster article picked from our directory of quality online and free content
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Navigation: make it easy
The fundamental thing behind any good site layout is to have its navigational aspects clear, fast and usable. This article outlines the important aspects of website navigation, with advice on how and what to implement to make your site easy to use, even to the inexperienced user.

> accessibility/navigation.html

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The days of free online music downloads are numbered, it seems. Many popular artists are already very difficult to download, and user numbers are dropping fast. Get over to Napster's site and show your support. » More Info
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Microsoft's newest browser release is IE6, out this month. From first impressions, it doesn't seem to be a huge step up from IE 5.5, but have a look at the new features and upgrade if you want. » More Info


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