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    Thursday, May 24th
    Here's the lowdown, folks. We have had the worst server problems anyone could imagine. Every time we would try to update, the site would crash, the hosting company would delete the newest material, or the site would just not work.

    We have a few new features planned and some changes to make around the site so stick around. Of course, if we were you we probably wouldn't have hung around this long, so thanks for doing so. RareNet will be good again in the near future...

    Wednesday, March 14th
    Well Conker's been released (it has, right?) and we've got some codes for you. Don't mind the euphemisms...just plug them into Conker.
    > Conker's Codes

    Monday, March 5th
    Some random (old?) pieces of news today. Oh, and it should make headlines that we actually updated, don't you think?

    Wednesday, February 21st
    Alright, here's the deal. The site hasn't been updated for nearly a month because we've suffered a prolonged bout of "real-life" priorities. Yes, unfortunately we don't run this site as our job and we have active lives outside of this Internet thing. Whether it has been exams, work or talking to in-the-flesh people, we just haven't had time to update. "How long can it take to update?!", you ask. Well, a good update would take longer than we could spare and we really hate "Sorry, no update" updates.
    We're currently trying to figure out where the site is headed in the future. Once again we are having server troubles and apparently too many people have visited the site lately and we've reached our limit on gigabytes of information transferred. So, the site could suddenly disappear tomorrow for all we know. We're trying to figure out what to do.
    Also, you'll notice we haven't been running any real ads, so we've been paying out of our own pockets just to keep the site up. Another thing we're working on. Anyway, we don't want to make any promises we can't keep but we're hoping to be somewhat back to normal in a week or so. Until then, hang in there - we're sorry for not updating and let's hope the site doesn't get shutdown tomorrow...

    Thursday, January 25th
    Check out the Conker section for all new screenshots from the game. Half of them seem to be imitating the lobby fight scene from The Matrix with bullet-time and slow-motion included. Whoa.
    > Conker's Bad Fur Day Screens


    » Archived Updates

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