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Fundamental Web Design and Development Skills

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Glasshaus has a new book for anyone looking to get involved in web development, and learn the best ways to go about things from the outset. In this book we see an admirable dedication to sticking to the modern standards of XHTML 1.0, HTML 4.01 and CSS; with little space wasted on discussing the common methods that forward-looking web designers are trying to distance themselves from.

While this book is very much targeted at the beginner just starting to make their way in the field, it would serve equally well as a guide to the modern way of doing things for any developer still mired in the un-compliant techniques and inaccessible practices of the past. Careful attention is paid to explaining fully the relationship between HTML, XHTML and XML, and the future-compatibility ramifications of your choice of markup. The only time deprecated elements (like the <font> tag) are ever mentioned are necessary notes for those coders who are tasked with redesigning existing sites authored in old-style markup.

Covering a wide range of topics, all extremely relevant to anyone in the business of making quality websites, this book should help any reader to feel confident in their awareness of the current state of play. The first few chapters introduce the fundamental concepts of markup languages and hypertext, before diving straight in to page and graphic design. Designing page layouts using tables is advised against, and the superior CSS positioning options are championed. Subjects usually left out of introductory texts — like accessibility and site administration — are here examined and explained without ever being simplistic (or stunting the reader’s understanding with overly-technical information — though the chapter on server-side scripting may prove heavy reading for some). In fact, the book carries a very strong commitment to usability and accessibility, and includes many practical implementation tips. A complete introduction to JavaScript is also included.

While a complete discourse on each subject area are naturally beyond the scope of the book, adequate exposition is given for each topic, which will provide ample foundation for further learning. This book is an excellent starting point that will quickly set interested readers on the right track.

—Ross Shannon

The book also comes with a CD containing trial versions of the latest Macromedia software — Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks MX and Flash MX.

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  • Rachel Andrew
  • Chris Ullman
  • Crystal Waters
ISBN Number:
Chapter Listing:
  1. The Web and How It Works
  2. Basic HTML
  3. Design and Process
  4. Advanced Markup: HTML, XML, and XHTML
  5. Creating Graphics for the Web
  6. Traditional Page Layout Techniques
  7. Navigation
  8. CSS: Modern Layout and Style
  9. JavaScript Basics
  10. Applying JavaScript in Your Pages
  11. An Introduction to Usability
  12. Standards Compliance
  13. Getting Your Site onto the Web
  14. Techniques for Site Maintenance and Administration
  15. Server-Side Scripting
  16. Where Do I Go from Here?

View a sample chapter on Creating Graphics for the Web.